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Blast Protection

The concept of SECURABLINDS® design is proven in rigorous attack and blast testing. The closing of the blind is triggered by the forward force of the blast wave and then the blast is absorbed by the blind, protecting the occupants and contents of the building. The SECURABLINDS® range of products can be retrofitted to existing buildings as well as new build applications.

Blast Blinds Test

A blast occurs radiating out a pressure wave in all directions.

Blast Blinds Test

The pressure wave smashes the window forcing the glass and anti-shatter film or polycarbonate trigger to automatically shut the blinds.

Blast Blinds Test

The SECURABLINDS® Blast Blind then absorbs the force of the pressure wave, stopping glass shrapnel and other blast debris from entering the building.

Blast Blinds Test

The negative phase of the blast wave then draws the glass and debris back towards the blast source.

SECURABLINDS® security systems have constantly been subjected to numerous blast trials since 2000. Specific testing and product development since 2013 has delivered a significant step forward in the level of protection the SECURABLINDS® Blast Blind offers. A blast can be unpredictable so the latest rigorous testing and development has been key to achieving the level of protection that the SECURABLINDS® Blast Blinds offer.

The SECURABLINDS® Blast Blinds have been tested to achieve rigourous standards.

Comblast accredited for Blast Protection.

Blast Blinds Test

Image showing minimal damage to the SECURABLINDS® Blast Blind after detonating measured TNT equivalent force blasts at 31 metres. The negative phase of the blast has drawn the anti-shatter film and glass shrapnel back towards the source.

Blast Blinds Test

Image showing effect of detonating measured TNT equivalent blasts at 28 metres. The controlled deflection or bowing of the blades clearly demonstrates how SECURABLINDS® product absorbs the pressure and force of these explosions.

The integrity of the SECURABLINDS® Blast Blinds in a real live blast scenario is the priority. That is why blast testing of the SECURABLINDS® product range is carried out by the following independent organisations:

Testing Authority
Grendon Design Agency

Grendon Design Agency

Planning and conducting explosion testing.
Management of explosion trials.
Certification and reporting.

World Leading Test Centre

DNV GL Test Centre

Spadeadam Test Site is a unique facility carrying out research and technical service work for the oil and gas, process and energy industries, construction industries as well as government agencies.

With qualified explosives engineers, DNV GL has the facilities and expertise to carry out trials involving the use of high explosives for a wide variety of purposes.

Blast Testing


Comblast offers blast testing to internationally recognised standards.

"In terms of competitive advantage, there is nothing else on the explosion protection market similar to the security blind other than primary or secondary blast rated window systems, which do not have the same ability to absorb pressure as the security blind does through rapid and controlled deflection."

Simon Trundle, Managing Director, Grendon Design Agency Limited, ComBlast Explosion Trials Manager