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Forced Entry Prevention

SECURABLINDS® unique patented design achieves unparalleled resilience and blast absorption standards in attack scenarios.

Our manufacturing methods adhere to ISO 9001:2008. We build core strength and durability into our products at every stage of manufacturing.

SECURABLINDS® blades are extruded to our patent protected design for inherent strength. They are further reinforced with high tensile steel rods when fastened to the inner frame. Our intellectual property in fastening methods and technologies guarantee SECURABLINDS® high pressure blast absorption and controlled deflection properties.

Fifteen years of development and testing have culminated in an exact production specification further increasing strength and integrity during the steel bending and welding manufacturing stages.

Specific products within the patented system in the SECURABLINDS® Attack Blinds range have achieved American Department of State (DOS) 5 minute forced entry prevention numbers.


Securablinds Forced Entry

Hidden high tensile steel bars create a barrier of protection. A Locking Bar adds further strength clamping the blades shut.